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The world is still upside down, but with Krishna we can keep our focus. And Kadamba Kanana Swami has talked about Krishna and his pastimes frequently so its time again for another media update. So what has happened this month?

In April a modest Vyasa-puja celebration was held in Simhachalam, Germany and online via Zoom on the 11th. And the new Vyasa-puja book 2021 was also published and presented at that time! Download the vyasapuja book here in case you missed it!

Nrismha caturdasi

On the 25th the appearance day of Nrsimhadeva was celebrated. Kadamba Kanana Swami was in Radhadesh at that time. During the morning class he discussed and related various stories on Nrsimhadeva, the source of all power.

Lord Nrsimhadev is the personification of soft-heartedness. He is particularly the manifestation of the Lord of soft-heartedness. Why did he become roaring mad? Out of his deep affection for Prahlad… Out of deep affection for his devotee. So actually the external thing is his anger but the real thing is his deep love for his devotee. For me, this is an important point in my relationship with Nrsimhadev that he appeared due to soft-heartedness.

Nrismha Caturdasi


Here is your monthly dose of media that you might have missed or maybe want to relish again! We searched social media and obscure places to dig up this month’s content and links!

Vyasapuja (apr 2021)

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