(Kadamba Kanana, Swami, 25 June 2021, Split, Croatia, Zoom Meeting)

Tamal Krishna Goswami was such a brilliant person. He had a sharp brain and he was just such a general. He just knew what was the right thing to do and he was a leader in this way. He could just point and say, “Well I looked at all the options and clearly this is the way.” And everyone would say, “Yes, that makes sense.” So he was just so amazing in that way and pretty brilliant. Tamal Krishna Goswami was such a powerful man that he was Prabhupada’s man to develop things and do the impossible. Anything impossible to be done, Tamal Krishna Goswami was the man. So Tamal Krishna Goswami just took this movement forward with huge strides and did so many things that no one else could have done.

But Tamal Krishna Goswami at the same time was also very much with the devotees. He could just join in a kirtan with the devotees and have fun. He was not like the ‘big guru’. He was 1 of the 11 but he was ready to just be with the devotees by just walking up and down in a kirtan. As we were all just running up and down, Tamal Krishna Goswami was also running and swaying with us in the kirtan. Tamal Krishna Goswami would always engage with everybody.

These devotees, they were especially sent to help Prabhupada to do the impossible. Therefore, we should appreciate that here we are dealing with very special and powerful devotees – devotees like Tamal Krishna Goswami, Brahmananda and Guru Kripa – all these devotees were incredibly special.

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