(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 28 May 2021, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Zoom Disciple Meeting)

This world is like an airport. Here, we are supposed to board a plane. But some people get so excited when they get to an airport because there are so many shops and they go shopping, and what happens is that they end up missing the plane. So, the purpose was that we had come to fly, we did not come for shopping, we came to fly to go somewhere.

It’s the same for us in this material world. So, this world is an airport and here we are meant to board the plane to fly to the spiritual world, that is the destination. The vehicle that can take us there is not an ordinary plane but it is the mahamantra. The mahamantra is actually the vehicle that can transport us to that transcendental realm or it is also within us, therefore it is also consciousness that all transcendental experience can be experienced without and within through the mahamantra. The mahamantra lifts us, carries us and gives us an experience, so it is very nice. We are at an airport and the plane that we are boarding is the mahamantra, let us take the mahamantra and take off, go with the mahamantra and see what dimensions would open up to us.

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