(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 14 November 2018, Kusuma Sarovara, Govardhana, India, Parikrama 2018 Lecture)

Krsna’s plan unfolds in our life and we have to allow it to do so. Over time, our destiny will become clear and we begin to see Krsna’s plan. We are all in one sense family members of Krsna now that we are part of the Acyuta-gotra. The Acyuta-gotra is the infallible family lineage of Krsna. Before I was in Krsna consciousness, I went to Gaya and I stayed in a dharmasala. The manager asked me, “What is your gotra (family lineage)?” I said, “Well, in my country we do not really have that.” So the manager said, “Okay, you write Jat.” They considered me a tribal person! But now, things have changed and I know that we are part of the Acyuta-gotra. Srila Prabhupada explained that we are in the family of Krsna. That is the best family lineage to be in. There are many gotras coming from different brahmanas: Parasara-gotra, Gautama-gotra. Of all of them, Acyuta-gotra is the best!

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