(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 12 November 2018, Madhuvana, Vrndavana, India, Parikrama 2018 Lecture)

All the wealth we can accrue from a whole lifetime of service is insignificant compared to the blessings of our spiritual master. It is blessings that are the principal factor and not only of our spiritual master but of the entire sampradaya, of the previous spiritual masters. One should however not jump over though. One should approach through the lineage and through the Vaisnavas and therefore, one has to become soft.

In the beginning, we make distinctions between Vaisnavas, thinking, “This Vaisnava is a neophyte” or “that one is not bona fide” and “that Vaisnava is weak and the other one is too stubborn.” Every Vaisnava is not good enough for us. At one point, however, all the Vaisnavas become good enough except one – ourselves. All the others are worshippable. So one has to arrive at this point. This is difficult when one identifies with varnasrama and is in a ksatriya spirit, brahmana spirit or a sudra spirit. Only in the pure transcendental spirit can we really worship all the Vaisnavas because all faults become insignificant in comparison to their spiritual credit. If we see that someone has spiritual credit, who cares about the faults? The faults are meaningless. In this way, one can appreciate and worship all the Vaisnavas.

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