(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 17 November 2018, Prema-Sarovara, Vrndavana, India, Parikrama 2018 Lecture)

Krsna is suhrt. He is our dear-most friend. Prabhupada said that Krsna is our best friend and the devotees responded, “No Prabhupada, you are our best friend! We do not know Krsna; we only know you!” Prabhupada then explained, “No, Krsna is your best friend because He is omniscient and knows everything, whereas I do not and may disappoint you.” The quality of omniscience means that Krsna knows the deepest desires within our hearts. He knows everything and as a result, He will never disappoint us. Not that He gives us everything we want, but if we stick with Krsna, we will surely become completely fulfilled. So we should have this meditation with us and remember that Krsna is not far away from us. Even here, in this material world, Krsna is actually present with us.

Krsna is also very accessible. Once I was preparing a seminar on prayer. While researching on the internet, I ended up on a website with prayers dedicated to St Anthony. I had read a lot of the prayers online and many of them were just, “Please help me, St Anthony,” or “Help me with my exams,” or “My aunty has a problem with her knee, please help her!” A lot of these prayers were quite materialistic but then I saw a prayer by a mother who said, “My daughter is only three years old and she has kidney failure. She has to be on this machine in the hospital. Oh, dear St Anthony, please transfer her pain unto me. Please save my daughter from this suffering.” This was a deep prayer. One prayer on the website said, “When I pray, I realise just how far away I am from God.” This made me realise how different our movement is. We do not think about how far away we are, but about how close we are to Krsna. When we chant, we feel close to Krsna. That is our meditation. It is not like He has left us alone here, to pray and chant and somehow or the other get purified and thereby get qualified. No. He hasn’t left us at all. He is our dear-most friend.

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