(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 4 February 2022, Radhadesh, Belgium, Zoom Disciple Meeting)

We are building a relationship with Vrndavana, and as we know, Vrndavana is all about devotional service. Whether you are engaging in hearing and chanting or whether you are doing another service in Vrndavana, it is ultimately all about service in the dhama. Service is the way to penetrate into Vrndavana. So, when we go to Vrndavana, we start making a connection, and then we go again and again where we meditate on Vrndavana. This way, our connection to Vrndavana grows deeper and so does our desire to be in Vrndavana. In this way, it is a lifetime relationship which has to evolve, and this happens through our service.

You can watch the full zoom disciple meeting on our YouTube channel or by clicking the below link:

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