(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 5 November 2021, Simhachalam, Germany, Srimad Bhagavatam 1.25.19)

There is one thing that The Supreme Personality cannot tolerate, and that is pride. It is false pride. Whenever a living being takes great pride, then Krsna will make arrangements to cut down that pride. And of course what reason do we have to be proud? Because after all, we are dependent. We are never fully independent. We are dependent on the Lord for everything we do. It is by the grace of the Lord that we can do anything. Otherwise, we are completely powerless. Whatever power we have is a given power which is not ours. We are only borrowing and it can be taken away in an instant. When we take pride in any of our qualities and in any of our abilities, then we falsely claim them as ours. In reality, such abilities are the Supreme Personality of Godhead, which is simply placed under our care.

In the same way, we human beings are very powerful. Well, definitely more powerful than other creatures. It happens to be so. We can greatly impact what goes on in this planet. Of course, we mess it up a little bit. So we can just imagine how it would be if all of the world’s population was in a humble state of mind and worshipping the Supreme Lord. Then naturally we would respect the arrangements of the Supreme Lord. Then we would not unnecessarily interfere with the arrangements of the Supreme Lord. Then we would not unnecessarily try to change the order of the universe. It is because we rely on our own strength that we are trying to rearrange the arrangement of nature, rather than accepting the arrangement of nature as it is, and approaching the Supreme Lord who is behind that nature. He confirms this in the Bhagavad-gita at 9.10:

mayādhyakṣeṇa prakṛtiḥ
sūyate sa-carācaram
hetunānena kaunteya
jagad viparivartate

So we can see that all the major troubles in the material world are the result of false pride. We can see how the false pride is leading to a mentality whereby we rely on our own strength to solve whatever problems there are in life. But the true approach should be to rely on the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who controls the laws of material nature.

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