(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 26 October 2022, Vrndavana, India, Govardhana-puja Lecture)

Imagine for a moment that all the cars in Vrndavana are replaced by cows. The Parikrama path would no longer be a road, but it would a nice soft sandy path like it used to be before. A Vrndavana filled not with vehicles but with cows. Bullock carts would become the natural means of transport. And in this way, the whole society becomes centered around the cows. Not only the Vaisya community, but obviously all the other various ashramas are also depending on the cows. Without ghee, there would be no sacrifice, and with no sacrifice, there would be no grains and so on. In this way, there has always been an intimate relationship with cows.

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  1. Lelihana Devi Dasi on

    Thank you dear Maharaja for all your uplifting and inspiring words and YouTube meetings and classes. I’m in a situation that I have no in-person association, thus you help me stay connected to Krishna consciousness. Your words give me great happiness. ❤️ Ys, Lelihana Devi Dasi

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