Govardhan Puja and Srila Prabhupada Disappearance Day – October 2022
The month of October was filled with celebration. We entered the month of Kartik from 8th October. Kartik, also known as the month of Damodara, is a month for deepening one’s love for Krishna. It is considered by devotees of Krishna to be the holiest month of the year. During this month, devotees make extra vows, perform extra spiritual activities, and generally worship Krishna in His form as a young boy, Damodara, who was once bound at the waist by His mother, Yashoda, as a punishment for His mischievous childhood pastimes. During the Kartik month, every morning and evening at the temple, everyone has an opportunity to show their heartfelt love and devotion to the Lord by offering ghee lamps and singing before Him.

Govardhan puja is observed in the victory of Lord Krishna over Lord Indra. Lord Krishna, with a motive to save the entire village from the heavy rainfall, lifted the Govardhan Hill to provide shelter to the people. After seven days of huge rainfall, Lord Indra accepted his defeat and stopped the rainfall.

The disappearance day of Srila prabhupada is observed by his followers by offering prayers to him and feeling his separation. Simultaneously, heartfelt gratitude is also expressed to please his divine grace and seek his blessings.

Kadamba Kanana Swami continued to give lectures, kirtans and weekly meetings in Vrindavan, India. Please see the links to these events below.

5th October – Srimad Bhagavatam class 10.24.16

9th October – First Day of Kartik, Sri Damodarashtakam–paOOOBq0

15th October – Kusum Sarovar

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

21st October – Kishori Kund

21st October – Ter Kadamba

25th October – Kirtan in Krishna Balarama temple

26th October – Govardhan Puja

27th October – Srimad Bhagavatam class 1.18.2 (online)

Weekly Meetings

1st October – at Balaram Hall

8th October – Zoom meeting

15th October – Zoom meeting

29th October – Zoom meeting

Please stay tuned in and follow Kadamba Kanana Swami’s adventures.

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