About KKSBlog & Our Team

About KKSBlog

KKSBlog.com is dedicated to bringing you the latest news, updates, quotes, transcripts, audio & video recordings and other media from HH Kadamba Kanana Swami and HH Jayadvaita Swami. In 2005 HH Jayadvaita Swami expressed his desire to start a personal website. After some time library108.com was created to fulfill this request. Eventually, Jayadvaita Swami created his own personal website (jswami.info). Library108.com served in the background as a news and media archive.

In 2007 a good friend suggested starting a dedicated blog for Kadamba Kanana Swami with news, transcripts and media. During that time we only had a handful of dedicated devotees who supplied the much needed content for the blog.  But after 3 years the blog had grown into an active community with over 10 contributors that generated lots of daily articles. And due to the popularity, we quickly outgrew our humble little blog. It was time for the next step.

And the next step was the birth of KKSBlog in 2011. All the content from our blog was transferred to this website and we even got our own in-house editor. On top of that, a daily and weekly e-mail newsletter were created to broaden our reach and serve our readers better. In 2013 the theme was changed to a mobile-friendly layout and the daily publishing schedule. Over time, as use of mobile devices kept increasing, we changed the theme & layout at the end of 2017 to cater to those smaller screens. Now KKSBlog is fully view-able on all devices and most pages can be viewed full screen. The sidebar was removed in favor of full screen pages. Plus the sticky navigation will show up when scrolling up on mobile devices. We hope you like it.

We hope you enjoy visiting KKSBlog.com and we thank our team and financial backers that made it happen!

Our Team

Below you can find the active website team that makes this possible. Our part-time and retired contributors can be viewed below.

Part-time & Retired Authors

Here is our contributor’s hall of fame. We acknowledge the following people who contribute part-time and have contributed the past years:

  • Amrtavani dd (South Africa)
  • Ananda Vrindavan Dasi (Serbia)
  • Dahani dd (Serbia)
  • Gurudas das (United Kingdom)
  • Jananivasa das (Germany)
  • Jnana-samudra das (South Africa)
  • Keshava Madhava das (Switzerland)
  • Kasturi Manjari dd (Czech)
  • Kalindi Nivasini dd  (Estonia)
  • Klara (Czech Republic)
  • Nandan (England)
  • Nama-Rupa dd (Sweden)
  • Madhumati dd (India)
  • Matsya das (Croatia)
  • Rukmini (South Africa)
  • Savitri dd (Serbia)
  • Smita Krishna dd (Australia)
  • Sukumari dd (Germany)
  • Vasanti (South Africa)
  • Yadurani dd (South Africa)
  • Yamunda dd (Croatia)