Video creators & copyright

As a (music/video) creator, you are always looking for the best way to present your digital creation, and part of that is through video and music. When uploading videos (with audio) to platforms like YouTube, you have to take into consideration if your video uses original media or from other sources. Video platforms like YouTube will actively scan & remove copyrighted audio and you might receive a copyright strike to your channel. If you receive 3 strikes, your channel will be blocked.

To help you choose original and non-copyrighted audio, read the tips below.

Use original media

Avoiding any (copyright) issue is very easy. Just use your own original media; video and audio. Record your own video and use original audio. In this way, you will never experience any copyright issues.

Know your sources

As mentioned above, using original media is highly recommended. If you are not sure if the media you want to include is copyrighted (most have), try to contact the creator/owner. If you do not have permission to use the media in question, do not use it in your project!

Music by Kadamba Kanana Swami

As a creator, Kadamba Kanana Swami (Paul Kok) owns the copyright on all recordings, music albums, videos and other media. We use an agent (CDBaby) to manage the copyrights on some of these music albums. Our team will also actively monitor and respond to any copyright claim, or claim our copyright on videos from other users!

Copyright free music (royalty free)

You CAN use audio from the following music albums

  • Waves of Mercy (2013)
  • Live at heart and soul (2013)
  • Kunjara Lila (2012)
  • The ocean of transcendental bliss (2011)
  • Miracle of love of god (2010)
  • Live 108 (2007)
  • Live 109 (2006)
  • New Vraja Mandala (2002)
  • Stay High forever (2001)

Copyrighted Music

You CANNOT use any audio tracks from these music albums. If you do, the video will get demonetised. Plus you will receive a copyright strike on your channel!

  • Premanjana (2019)
  • Living with the Mantra (2018)
  • Simple Living – High Thinking (2017)
  • Metamorphosis (2016)
  • Pure Enjoyment (2015)
  • Heart and soul (2014)
  • My Mind is Vrindavan (2009)
  • All you need is love (2008)
  • Brhad Mrdanga (2004)
  • Kirtan rasa (2002)
  • Vaisnava seva (2000/2019)

Need media?

If you are unsure if your media is copyrighted, please contact us. We may be able to help you. Do not automatically assume that the media is not copyrighted (most media does), or that you have permission to use it.

You can contact Uddhava when you need original media for your project!