Downloading music and recordings to iPhone/iPad

Downloading music files (mp3) is not possible (iOS v12) without using a third party app.

From the media pages you can download music and recordings. And when you have placed an order in the shop you have received an email with links to download your music. If you own a iOS device, like an iPhone or iPad, then downloading files to your device requires using a third party app. Maybe future updates (like iPad OS) make this possible, but for now you need to use app to download and store your audio files. Here is a guide to help you with this.

Using Android?

Downloading files directly to your Android device is supported on most Android devices without using an app. Either way you can still use this guide to download your files.

Let’s begin

  1. Install third party app
  2. Install browser app
  3. Download & save files

1. Install Dropbox

For this guide we use the DropBox app to save and store files. If you have another favourite music app (VLC, etc) you can try that. But this guide focuses on the DropBox app as this works the best, at this moment. To use this app a Dropbox account is required.

If you don’t have or don’t want to use Dropbox then maybe your favourite music or files app (Box, Google Drive, VLC) can be used instead. Whatever app you use you should still be able to use this guide to download files.

2. Install Firefox

The Chrome browser app cannot be used to download files.
– If you use Safari then you don’t need to install Firefox

Firefox browser

The Firefox browser app supports the most available options to save files to an app or device. We recommend you install and start it. This guide will use Firefox in all examples below.

3. Download & save your files

Now that all the required apps are installed lets proceed downloading the music to your device. Follow the screenshot below to certain success!

Apple Music App

You cannot add your own downloaded music to the Apple Music App using this guide. Use iTunes (or the new MacOs Music application) to transfer music to your device.

What about Spotify, Google Play, iTunes?

Music from Kadamba Kanana Swami is available on most major platforms like iTunes, Google Music, Spotify and even Amazon. Click the links to visit. You can listen on most platforms for free but buying music is certainly possible.

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