Initiation information

Here you will find information about initiation, the requirements and official link to the RFI (Request For Initiation form).


To be initiated in Vaishnava-dharma tradition ISKCON has set global requirements. These requirements are sometimes amended by local temple authorities.

In order to receive first initiation, one must have been engaged favourably in devotional service, strictly following the four regulative principles and chanting sixteen rounds a day, for at least one year without interruption. (ISKCON Law Book

Like to know more about initiation? Here is a wonderful article written by Kripamoya (UK) titled “Steps to initiation“.

First initiation

Chanting 16 rounds daily and following the 4 principles for at least 6 months to a year. Plus any requirement set by your local ISKCON authority. Recommendation (letter) from your ISKCON authority.

Second initiation

1st initiation and following the standards for at least 1-2 years. Plus any requirement set by your local ISKCON Authority. Recommendation (letter) from your ISKCON authority. Some authorities require that the initiate has successfully finished the Bhakti-sastri course. The Bhaktivedanta college (Radhadesh) offers an online course for this. Go here.

Request for initiation form

When available the link to the Initiation Request Form will be posted here. Not available at this moment

If you have any questions about your initiation request, the requirements, recommendation letter or the initiation procedure you can contact Gauravani devi dasi personally via whatsapp (+420732927365).

Were you recently initiated? – The Disciple List

Kadamba Kanana Swami is keeping a list of disicples. After initiation you will receive an invitation to register for this official disciple list. If you did not receive an invitation you can personally register here:

At the moment you will be contacted either by Uddhava das, Jananivasa das, Tandavini devi dasi or Kalindi Nivasini devi dasi.

Japa beads

Gopali dd has arranged for Japa beads (all made of tulasi) to be made available for those who were initiated online. Kadamba Kanana Swami has chanted on each japa mala. There are different type of japa mala beads; see photos for examples. The prices mentioned are excluding shipping costs. Shipping costs will be calculated depending on your location. You can also pick them up in Vrindavan without the extra shipping costs!

If you want to reserve or buy a japa mala you can contact Gopali personally via whatsapp (+421907732354)