Vrindavana Braja Parikrama 2019

The annual Braja Parikrama is a chance for you to immerse yourself in the pastimes of Krsna and his family & cowherd friends. Visit holy places like Vrindavana, Mathura & Barsana, and the mystic forests (vanas) of Madhuvana & Talavana. And of course, take the mercy from the holy waters of Radhakunda, Shyamakunda and Vrindakunda. This year, there will also be a special trip to Jaipur to visit the following original deities; Govinda Dev, Radha Gopinatha, Radha Damodara, Madana Mohan and Vinodi Lal.

Experiences from 20182017 and 2016.

Explore Braja

The Vrindavana and Braja Parikrama will take you again on a tour through the holy land of Krsna.

Dates & Schedule

  • 1st Nov – Govinda kund, Tribhuvanatha Samadhi, Nrsimha temple Puncari
  • 2nd Nov –  Gosvami Temples Vrindavana (bring your own prasadam)
  • 3-5 Nov Jaipur (registration closed)
  • 6th Nov –  Yavat, Vrindakund
  • 7th Nov –  Sanket, Anjanoka
  • 8th Nov –  Vrindavan Parikrama (bring your own prasadam)
  • 9th Nov –  Unchagaon
  • 10th Nov – Rest
  • 11th Nov – Kamyavan
  • 12th Nov – Garuda Govinda, Rama Tala

* Schedule and programs are subject to change!


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