Devotional Service (e-book)

Devotional Service is this little booklet published in 2013. It was distributed during the Durban Ratha Yatra and at the Vyasa-puja festival in Radhadesh in that year.

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Product Description

This is an introduction to a little book. Little books are nice – you keep them in your pocket and just read a few pages while going from one place to another or in between doing things. Little books don’t overload us with information, but give relevant points to meditate on or some inspiration. So this is a little book about devotional service.

Introduction to Devotional Service

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Book details

Editors: Yadurani devi dasi, Amtravani devi dasi, Rasa-sthali dasi
Publisher: Sabda Books
Printed at: Atlas Printers
Release date: 1 apr 2013
Design & Layout: Premavanya dd
Specs: softbound, 93 pages


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