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CD’s are old fashioned!! Plug this USB flash drive (64GB) directly in your computer or car hifi and you can listen to almost all audio albums by Kadamba Kanana Swami. Get those transcendental tunes filling up your house or car!

* Brand, type and features of Flash drive are subject to change and depending on availability!

No need for an USB drive? Get the digital album collection here.

Product Description

Get this usb flash drive with almost all* previously released audio albums by Kadamba Kanana Swami. A once in a lifetime opportunity for a very fair price. And every year we are adding new albums. You will receive a 1 year free update after purchase.

This collection is also available as a digital download. Click here

* Features/brand of the flash drive are subject to change depending on availability.

Included are

  • 1 year updates
  • USB flash drive (usb3.0 – 64 GB)
  • High quality mp3 files (320 Kbps)

The total price of this product is determined by the capacity, shipping fee, album prices and packaging.

* Included audio albums (mp3)

  • Living with the Mantra (2018)
  • Simple Living – High Thinking (2017)
  • Metamorphosis (2016)
  • Pure Enjoyment – 2015
  • Heart & Soul – 2014
  • Waves of Mercy – 2013
  • Live at Heart & Soul Yoga – 2013
  • Kunjara Lila – 2012
  • The Ocean of Transcendental Bliss – 2011
  • Miracle of Love of God – 2010
  • My Mind is Vrindavan – 2009
  • All You Need is Love… – 2008
  • Live 109 – 2007
  • Live 108 – 2006
  • Brhad Mrdanga – 2004
  • Kirtana Rasa – 2002
  • New Vraja Mandala – 2002
  • Stay High Forever – 2001
  • Vaisnava Seva – 2000

Not included

The following audio albums are not included.


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