Living with the Mantra


Breath in… Exhale… Let the mantra flow naturally and spiritually uplift us. These tunes will slowly and steadily make you want to sing and dance. Before you can fully grasp the effects it has become your new routine. You have to admit that, without a doubt, you are living with the mantra!

Product Description

The holy name of Krsna is descending directly from the spiritual world. It is out of Krsna’s unlimited kindness that he appears amidst of us. We must surrender – surrender to the sound of kirtan and simply appreciate the name of Krsna as being Krsna, non-different from Krsna, that means the unlimited Supreme Lord, full of unlimited opulence’s, the all-merciful Supreme Lord, who has kindly come to us to live with us in the form of His mantra.

Sample Track

Track List

  1. Mantra Meditations -14:49
  2. Blue Cows – 14:26
  3. Living with the Mantra – 10:45
  4. The Spiritual Sky – 13:03
  5. Beads of Sacred Wood – 6:26
  6. The Bigger Picture – 11:32
  7. All Good will come – 7:56

Album info

Date: 1 Apr 2018
Recorded, mixed and mastered: Daniel Malesev at Origami Studios, Sydney.
Album design: Atmatattva das, South Africa
Produced in: Australia
Lead vocal & harmonium: Kadamba Kanana Swami
Chorus: Monique, Gour Mohan, Uragaya, Sveta Ganga and Kalindi Nivasini
Flute & Soprano Saxophone: Emmanuel Gottlieb
Mrdanga: Ashick
Bass: Blake Cateris
Karatalas: Indukanti rai


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