The Vyasa-puja festival has been cancelled due to the COVID19 pandemic.
Read the letter by Kadamba Kanana Swami.

Welcome to the Vyasa-puja & Kingsday pages! Here you will find all the information about these festivals, registration and frequently answered questions. See you soon!

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Festival Dates

  • Fri 24 Apr – Arrivals & start of festival
  • Sat 25 Apr – Vyasa-puja & Initiations
  • Sun 26 Apr – Workshop “Personal Development” & Cultural program
  • Mon 27 Apr – Kingsday Amsterdam
  • Tue 28 Apr – Departures


Registration has started on 1st of Feb 2020 and will close on 1st of Apr. Registration will be coordinated by Tattvavati devi dasi.

Festival Funding

Like every year we aim to make the festival and prasadam for free. But this is not possible without your financial contribution. Fundraising will be handled by Gopali dd and she will be contacting you again to help make our goal a reality.

Donate by Bank
Use the form below to request our bank transfer details

Festival Pricing

The festival pricing is per person for the festival dates.

Festival fee : 40 euro

Shared room: 60 euro
Dorms / Ashrama : 40 euro
Camping/Van/Mobile: 7 euro/day (using Rdesh facilities)

  • The accommodation and festival fees are only valid during the festival dates
  • The accommodation fee must be paid in advance by bank or paypal.
  • The festival fee can be paid by bank transfer (or by cash at the Guesthouse reception upon your arrival)

Vyasa-puja Book 

The deadline for sending offerings has passed

* offerings send after the deadline will not be included in the VP book!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Visit the extended FAQ here.



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