Donate towards Vyasa-puja 2019

Thank you for considering to donate towards the Vyasa-puja and Kingsday festivals. Organizing two festivals costs a lot of money (approx. 20.000 euro) and we need all the help we can get!

There are various way to donate; PayPal, credit card, by bank and in person. Here is the best way to donate without high transfer fees!


If you already own a PayPal account then you can easily send money without fees using this link:

By Credit card

You can donate with your credit/debit card using PayPal. Please note that PayPal will charge us a transfer fee.

By Bank (EU)

If you live in the EU you can transfer money without banking fees. This is the preferred way. If you need our bank details fill in the form below or approach Gopali devi dasi.

In Person

If you are coming to the Vyasa-puja then you can donate directly in person. Please let us know if you want to donate in person.

Request our bank details

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