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When are the festival days?
The festival days are Friday 26 apr until Tuesday 30 Apr 2019. During these days the festival and accommodation fees apply.

Do I need to register?
Registration is required for everyone even if you are not staying at Radhadesh or when visiting for 1 day. To plan and organize correctly and inform Radhadesh management / kitchen we need to know who and how many people are coming!

When does the festival registration start?
Registration starts on the 1st of Feb.
An online form will be made available on KKSBlog to register. The registration is open from the 1st of Feb until the 31st of March.

Why do I need to pay in advance for my reservation?
In order to plan the accommodation efficiently you must pay your accommodation within 10 days after your reservation. When payment is received we will confirm your booking. If you do not pay your reservation within 10 days we will cancel your reservation!

I want to cancel my reservation!
Too bad you cannot make it for these wonderful festivals! You can cancel your reservation at any time by writing to vyasapuja@kksblog.com. Please note that we do not refund your accommodation and festival fee if you cancel after the cancellation period.

What is the cancellation period and what about refunds?
If you cancel before the 1st of April then we can refund your fees. If you cancel after this date we unfortunately cannot refund your fees as we already allocated the accommodation for you and are required to pay the Guesthouse in advance!


I come earlier and/or leave later then the festival dates!
If you arrive earlier or depart later than the festival days extra accommodation charges will apply. Here are the prices:

25 Apr: Shared room €12,50, Dormitories €10 and Ashrama €8
1 May: Shared room €12,50, Dormitories €10 and Ashrama €8
Other days: Radhadesh Guesthouse rates apply *

* Please note that Radhadesh will also charge you for extra breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Can I book a private room in the guesthouse?
No. All guesthouse rooms are shared rooms (6-8 persons).
Dormitories / ashramas are separated for men and women.

Can I stay in the ashrama?
You can only stay in the ashrama if you are a resident brahmacari / brahmacarini at your local temple.

Can I stay in the ashrama and do service?
If you want to stay longer in the ashrama and do service then you need to contact the Radhadesh management about this.

What to bring?

  • A portable radio/telephone with headphones for translations
  • Ashrama & Dormitories
    Bring your own sleeping mat, sleeping bag and towels. A shared bathroom is available on the 2nd floor in the guesthouse. The ladies dormitory (old gurukula building) also has a shared bathroom available. A flashlight is always handy to bring. Earplugs?
  • Shared rooms
    Most shared rooms have an attached bathroom. Beds, mattresses and bed-linen is provided. Towels are available but limited so bring your own. Toilet paper is available from the front desk. Radhadesh can still be quite cold in April. So warm clothing is advised. Check the weather

I want to book an apartment/house outside of Radhadesh.
If you like to rent a private room/house/apartment we suggest the bungalows at the SunClass park, AirBnB and Booking.com. More info here…

I want to camp outside
Radhadesh has lots of camping site space. You can bring your tent or camper and park on the Radhadesh grounds. Please note that there is no electricity available for campers. If you use the Radhadesh facilities like showers/toilets then daily fee of 5 euro will be charged.


Do I pay for prasadam during the festival?
The festival fee (see below) includes all meals during the festival days. If you are not going to Kingsday then the meals in Radhadesh are also included.

I have special dietary requirements.
If you have special dietary requirements please contact us directly. If possible we advise you to take all the specialty food items that you might need. During this busy festival we cannot guarantee that the meals are free from certain ingredients.

We requested the Radhadesh kitchen to have a few vegan options during each meal. But be sure to ask during each meal which course is vegan.

 Donations & Fees

How can I donate?
You can donate by PayPal, credit card, by bank or in person. Visit the donate page for detailed information.

What is the festival fee?
This fee covers the festival costs like prasadam, bus rental and other expenses. Organizing two festivals costs a lot of money. To give you an idea; the total cost is approx. 23000 euro. Here you can find the financial overview of 2018.

What is the accommodation fee?
Depending on your accommodation Radhadesh charges a certain fee. There are limited shared rooms available, dormitories and asharama’s. Each with its own fee, see below…

You ask for donations AND a festival fee. Why?
We would like to make this festival completely free. That is why we request you to donate for these festivals. We would need to collect almost 23000 euro to make it free. The last years we received approx. 12000 euro in donations which means we also need to have a festival fee to cover the rest of the costs. That is why we ask for a festival fee and donations.

What are the fees for accommodation and festival?
Accommodation and festival fees change yearly. Here is a summary of the fees from 2018 to give you an idea. Prices are for 1 adult and include accommodation and prasadam for the festival days*.

  • Shared room – € 50
  • Dormitories – € 32
  • Ashrama – € 30
  • Festival fee – € 35

Is there a special price for children?
Children below 10 years: Festival fee is €17,50.
If children need their own bed normal accommodation fees apply!

* Festival pricing is only valid during the festival dates!

Do you sponsor devotees or can i do service instead of paying?
Generally we do not sponsor devotees or offer service during the festival. Contact the Vyasa-puja team for more info at vyasapuja@kksblog.com.

I cancelled my reservation. Can I get a refund?
When you cancel your reservation within the cancellation period (before the 1st of April) we can refund your fees. Please note that if you payed by PayPal, credit card or bank we will refund your fees minus the transaction costs!

 Travel and transportation

Detailed travel info can be found on the travel info page.

I need a taxi from the airport/train station!
There are a few transport options available varying in price:
– Taxi services Radhadesh
– Private taxis
– Public Transport

On the 1st of April you can submit your taxi requests with a special online form. Please note that available transportation in Radhadesh is very limited. Therefore we strongly encourage you to book transportation individually. Find all details on the travel info page.

 Vyasa-puja Book

When the vp book page is available you can send your offering in the form of text, audio or video on this page.

When is the deadline for the VP book?
The deadline is the 1st of Feb.

Why is there a deadline?
We need time to collect & edit the offerings, designing the book, doing the layout and have it ready to be published. This takes approx. 2-3 months.

I want to send my offering directly to Kadamba Kanana Swami!
If you do not want your offering included in the book you can send it directly to Kadamba Kanana Swami.

What is the official Vyasa-puja date?
The official appearance day for Kadamba Kanana Swami is one day before the appearance day of Gadhadar pandit.
– 3 may 2019

The official VP day for Jayadvaita Swami is two days after the disappearance day of Gaura Kisora das babaji.
– 9 Nov 2019

 Contact info

Was your question not on this list? Contact us directly by emailing to vyasapuja@kksblog.com.

I want to receive the newsletter. Where do I sign up?
You can sign up here. The newsletters are usually sent once per month until the Vyasa-puja festival starts. When required additional newsletters will be sent. Missed a newsletter? You can find them here.