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You are coming to Radhadesh for the Vyasa-puja and Kingsday Festival. That is wonderful! And you will probably arrive by car, plane or train. Here you will find all the necessary travel info to get to Radhadesh in time 😉

How to get to Radhadesh

Since the numbers are growing and that we are having more and more difficulty to arrange transportation every year, we ask as much as possible for devotees to travel together by their own vehicles. Those coming from very far and flying into Charleroi & Brussels are requested to travel further by train or bus into the nearest station or bus stop to Radhadesh: Marloie or Barvaux by train and Marche by bus.

You will alleviate our work by allowing us to pick you up from either of these train stations or the Marche bus stop; facilitating transportation to the festival site for each & every of the many hundreds of eager devotees travelling through public transportation.

Coming by Car

Coming from Liege (E46) :
Coming from Brussels (E411 – A4/N4):
Coming from Luxembourg (E25):

Coming by plane

There are 2 main airports in Belgium;

  • Bruxelles’s Zaventem (BRU, National Airport) – website
  • Charleroi (CRL, Bruxelles South)  – Ryanair, WizzAir – website

Read more below for connecting trains and transportation to Radhadesh.

Arriving at Charleroi Airport (CRL)
Take the Flipco Bus from the airport to Marche (Marche-en-Famenne). It is the best and cheapest option available (from as little as 5€ online) and takes only 1 hour and 5 minutes to reach the stop in Marche. The best option is to book online in advance at: Airport

Arriving at Brussels Zaventem (BRU)
For those arriving at Brussels Zaventem please note that a train station is located just below the Airport with a 1 stop to Brussels Midi (also called Brussels Zuid). From there to Marloie is easily achieved by train.

 Click here for the Belgian Railway

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Coming by Train


We do not arrange transportation from Brussels Midi. Please take the connecting train in Brussels Midi (also called Brussels Zuid) to Marloie (direction Luxembourg). It departs every hour (i.e. 10:33, 11:33, 12:33). The last direct train is at 10:33 pm (9:33 pm during the weekend) and the first direct train is at 4:33 am (6:33 am during the weekend). The duration of the journey is 1h54min. A one-way Adult ticket costs €16 for those who forgot to purchase “any Belgian station (via Brussels)”.

Click here for the Belgian Railway

Train to/from Brussels Zaventem Airport

Due to limited availability of drivers and cars we advice you to travel from the airport to a trainstation nearby Radhadesh. There are 2 nearby stations: Barvaux and Marloie.

From Bruxelles Zaventem Airport to Marloie (train)

– Exit the gate and go to the Basement (-1). The train station is situated below the airport.
– Take a train to Bruxelles Midi
– From Bruxelles Midi take a train to Marloie (2:15 hours)

The ticket price is around : € 21,60

Click here for the Belgian Railway

From Bruxelles Zaventem Airport to Barvaux

– Exit the gate and go to the Basement (-1). The train station is situated below the airport.
– Take a train to Bruxelles Midi
– From Bruxelles Midi take a train to Marloie (2:25 hours)

Ticket price is around : 22,90

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Coming by Official taxi services

We urge devotees who are arriving together or at similar timings at the airport, and who would prefer to take a taxi instead of the train, to look into prearranged taxi options.

For groups of 4 or more people this is the most economic choice.

Share a taxi
Find a taxi to share or offer your taxi for sharing. Please share your arrival date/time in this private facebook group.

Radhadesh Transportation Services

We urge anyone travelling to Radhadesh to first look at the travel options listed above and choose the nearest train station or bus stop. Then we can pick up you quickly from there.

When you arrive

Please go to the reception of the Radhadesh Guesthouse. We will welcome you, register you and show you to your accommodation (if booked in advance!). In order to provide the best service, we request you to register and finalize any outstanding payments. For further questions regarding accommodation please visit the main desk at the entrance hall of the guesthouse.

What to bring

Ashrama & Dormitories

Bring your own sleeping mat, sleeping bag and towels. A shared bathroom is available on the 2nd floor in the guesthouse. The ladies dormitory (old gurukula building) also has a shared bathroom available. A flashlight is always handy to bring. Earplugs?

Shared rooms

Most shared rooms have an attached bathroom. Beds, mattresses and bed-linen is provided. Towels are available but limited so bring your own. Toilet paper is available from the front desk. Radhadesh can still be quite cold in April. So warm clothing is advised. Check the weather.

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Alternative Accommodation

Radhadesh has only few onsite accommodation options to offer to the devotees attending the festival; therefore we ask devotees desiring to come, especially as families or groups, if they could look towards hotel solutions in the area to facilitate them overnight. The best option is the SunClass Bungalow park which is only (1.4km 5 mins) away by car and which is also the most practical option. We do not arrange these accommodation. To reach those alternative locations you will need your own transport! We do not offer transport shuttles.

Sunclass bungalow (1.4km)

A wonderful location with many nice bungalows for up to 3-6 people. You will need your own transport to/from Radhadesh. This will not be provided by the VP organisation.


View AirBnB options

View options

And here are some other options

Auberge de la Petite Somme (300 meters): 0032 86 32 21 34
Nid d’ Hirondelle (3km) – 0032 86 21 42 44
Durbuy Adventure (5km): 0032 86 21 20 07

Address Guesthouse

Château de Petite Somme
Petite Somme 5
6940 Septon – Durbuy
Tel no: +32 (0)86 38 71 31

VP Accommodation Manager: Visakha dd
Tel no: +32 (0)86 38 71 31

Route to Radhadesh

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Contact Amsterdam

Address of the ISKCON Temple
Lizzy Ansinghstraat 80 (1st floor)
1072 RD Amsterdam
Tel : +31 6 1628 7239 (Gita Govinda dd)
Google maps:

Route from temple to Festival stands: Route

Harinam managers
Uddhava (+31 6 4626 2503)

Festival Stands (Lunch Break)
Stadhouderskade (to be confirmed !) (see map)

Toilet Services
We will provide two toilets at the site of the festival stand.

Harinam Route
There is no fixed route that the harinam follows. The harinam should leave between 10:00 – 10:30 am. Be on time because it will be very difficult to find us in crowded Amsterdam.

Lost & Found
If you get lost then don’t panic. Use the contact info (above) to contact the temple or the harinam managers. Special electronic road signs have been setup in Amsterdam to guide the general public. If you get lost then follow the signs to the “Rijksmusem”. From there it is a five minute walk to the festival stands. Route. Back to the temple Route.

If you are bringing luggage to Amsterdam you can leave it in the bus. If you plan to stay in Amsterdam after the harinam, please let us know.

Don’t bring any valuables or lots of money with you on the harinam. Watch your belongings very, very carefully. This day is full of pickpockets.

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